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As a little girl I always picked up on feelings around me and I noticed details that others would take for granted. I have always been an empath, and felt other people’s feelings and energies. I was terrified of the dark because I “felt” that I was being watched and that I was not alone. In 2012, I had my first psychic reading which opened the doors to the metaphysical for me. Actually, the door was always there but I had shut it a long time ago because I didn’t understand the messages (feelings, pictures, thoughts and smells) that I was receiving. After training and studying many metaphysical subjects, I started to realize that the information I was receiving was valid and not random. My mission is to help others who feel they have tried everything to heal and is willing to explore effective healing modalities and approaches that will heal their soul, clear blocks and move them forward joyfully and authentically in life.




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